By James DiGeorgia | Editor, World Opportunity Investor


  • Small cap gold stocks that delivered 6 times the profit potential of gold bullion during bull markets
  • Expert Consensus: Gold will remain in a long-term bull market
  • Why gold is poised to climb higher and higher
  • The new type of gold investment that could prove to be the most profitable yet


History shows that one smarter way to play gold bull markets has consistently offered high upside potential for individual investors.

What way is that?

It’s investing in high-quality small cap gold exploration companies.

Companies in the small cap exploration sector have consistently proved to offer investors the biggest “bang for their buck” during sustained bull markets, outperforming physical gold as an investment.

The last four gold bull markets have proved this overwhelmingly, as gold mining stocks have delivered as much as 6 times the returns on gold bullion.

Those blue bars in the chart represent the average precious metals mining stock.

Individual stocks have done much better.

The last precious metals bull market ran from 2008 to 2011. Over that time, the three top-performing gold mining stocks rose as much as 14,000% … 20,250% … and 23,673%.

And the same thing has been happening during the current bull market.

While gold climbed more than 65% from the beginning of 2019 into the summer of 2020, Great Bear Resources was climbing 495.88% … Arbor Metals Corp. was rising 560.84% … and Benz Mining Corp. soared 1,340%.

While these profits have already happened, there is now a new opportunity to make money as a gold bull market ramps into high gear.

And the consensus is that gold will remain in a long-term bull market.

Experts Agree: Gold Will Remain in a Long-Term Bull Market

everal widely respected investment newsletter writers agree with me that a long-term bull market for precious metals is overwhelmingly likely. This sustained bull market should continue to trigger high-upside opportunities for investors.

Doug Casey is telling his subscribers to buy small gold mining companies.

Mr. Casey is a legendary investor, best-selling author and editor of Crisis Investing newsletter.

He says, “Gold has done well indeed, and I think it’s going to do better. The [U.S.] government is running trillions of dollars of deficits … [so] gold is going to profit much more even than stocks do. There are quality small gold-mining companies, run by really good, serially successful people, that are geologists and mining engineers. That’s the kind of stuff you should buy.”

Editor of True Wealth newsletter, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud now thinks we’re in “a perfect storm for higher precious metals prices.”

He believes three massive catalysts all point to the same result. Supply/demand, government spending and near-zero interest rates will push gold and silver prices higher.

And Brien Lundin, editor of Gold newsletter recently told investors, “We are going to have another long-term, multi-year period where [gold is] going to be at a high level, so we will have momentum maintained in the gold market … and we’re going to have a similar period where there will be a lot of profits made in junior mining stocks if you get the right companies.”

This Gold Bull Market Is Still in its Infancy: Why Gold is Poised to Continue Climbing Higher

There are 4 factors that will drive this new gold bull market to historic heights …

  • Debt is exploding – The U.S. federal budget deficit in fiscal year 2020 was $3.1 trillion … more than triple its deficit for the previous year! The U.S. dollar is being devalued in a big way, which makes gold’s value soar as a hedge against inflation.
  • Fed policy pushes gold higher – With more than a decade of near-zero interest rates, along with the continued expansion of the money supply in response to the pandemic, investors are likely to continue seeking better returns in other safe haven investments such as gold.
  • Continued slow U.S. economy – Even with the coronavirus vaccine in circulation, the U.S. economy is likely to continue slow growth for the foreseeable future, leading investors to seek the safety of gold until conditions return to normal.
  • Ongoing geopolitical uncertainty – Global tensions typically create volatility in the equities markets and leads to higher gold prices. With uncertainty likely to continue in North Korea, Russia, Iran and elsewhere, this should continue to be a catalyst for higher gold prices.

In short, now is the opportune time to get invested in gold, and a new gold investment could it the most profitable time as well.

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